Stop and Frisk Act of 2016

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Stop and Frisk Act
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General Information
Short Title Stop and Frisk Act
Long Title San Andreas Stop and Frisk Act of 2016
Acronyms SFA
Enacted By San Andreas Congress
Introduced January 1st, 2016
Passed March 14th, 2016
Amendments None
Ratified No

Chapter I - Foreword

§ 101 - Definitions

(a) For the purposes of this law, a "frisk" shall be defined as the patting down of an individual's outer garments and possessions in their immediate vicinity or on their immediate person such as backpacks, duffle bags, and similar items.

Chapter II - General Provisions

§ 201 - Powers Granted

(a) Whenever any law enforcement officer within the state of San Andreas encounters any person under circumstances which reasonably indicate that such person has committed, is committing, or is about to commit a violation of the criminal laws of this state, the officer may temporarily detain such a person for the purpose of ascertaining:

(1) the identity of the person temporarily detained and or;
(2) the circumstances surrounding the person’s presence abroad.

(b) If at any time after the onset of the temporary detention authorized by Sub Sec. (a), probable cause for arrest of person shall appear, the person shall be arrested. If, after an inquiry into the circumstances which prompted the temporary detention, no probable cause for the arrest of the person shall appear, the person shall be released immediately.

(c) Whenever any law enforcement officer authorized to detain temporarily any person under the provisions of Sub Sec. (a), has probable cause to believe that any person whom the officer has temporarily detained, or is about to detain temporarily, is armed with a dangerous weapon and therefore offers a threat to the safety of the officer or any other person, the officer may search such person so temporarily detained only to the extent necessary to disclose, and for the purpose of disclosing, the presence of such weapon. If such a search discloses such a weapon or any evidence of a criminal offense it may be seized.

(d) Whenever any law enforcement officer suspects, through reasonable suspicion, that any person is carrying guns, knives, clubs, or other hidden instruments, they may perform a frisk. If such a frisk discloses a weapon or any evidence of a criminal offense it may be seized.

§ 202 - Limitations and Enforcement

(a) No person shall be temporarily detained under the provisions of Sec. 101, Sub Sec. (a) longer than is reasonably necessary to effect the purposes of that subsection. Such temporary detention shall not extend beyond the place where it was first effected or the immediate vicinity thereof.

(b) No evidence seized by a law enforcement officer in any search under this title shall be admissible against any person in any court of this state or subdivision thereof, except for weapons, unless the search which disclosed its existence was conducted utilizing probable cause, separate from bare minimum reasonable suspicion this title requires or unless the search was conducted during the execution of a warrant.