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About Us

Welcome! TTo briefly introduce you, OwlGaming is a text-based roleplaying community, founded on January 1st, 2014, focusing on providing the highest quality roleplaying experience possible. Roleplaying on Grand Theft Auto in OwlGaming is a unique combination of modern graphics and convenience with the seriousness and authentic qualities of traditional roleplaying experiences. We have created what we believe to be the perfect blend between a tabletop roleplaying game or IRC roleplaying chatroom and an online RPG experience. It's something you can't miss out on!

We also play and rotate through a variety of games such as Minecraft and Garry's Mod hosting game nights and other fun events.

This is OwlGaming's official wiki page. Though we historically for many years roleplayed on Multi Theft Auto (MTA), it is now deprecated and we have moved to a more modern version, GTA V (V). It is highly recommend players keep an eye on our forums here for our frequent OwlV updates.

This wiki's purpose is to provide easily accessible information from both an in character (IC) and out of character (OOC) perspective. Many pages are unrestricted such as character stories or server event narratives whereas other pages may be protected or restricted to verified contributors, notably certain important in character pages. Pages are further organized into categories which is an essential part of organizing the wiki and finding information easily. Within each page is an in character and out of character section. Some pages do not have or require these in character and out of character sections depending on the type, notably the home page and other obviously 100% out of character pages like wiki tutorials, rules, etc.

In character sections on pages are treated as if they were the equivalent of a Wikipedia page in our fictional world. This information can be utilized in character. A good example of this would be a page about a public figure like an important politician, chief of police, or a major event such as natural disasters or a hostage situation. In some circumstances, the information of an in character page may be put there to serve as a rumor or commonly known information among characters. The out of character portion is relatively straight forward and exists so players may better understand the functions of the server or information pertaining to a specific topic on an out of character level for the sake of entertainment or education. This would commonly be pages like tutorials or faction histories.


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