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Left side introductory to UCP




Hovering over the forums button on the User Control Panel will appear a drop-down list with five rows of different websites that are related strictly to either the community forums or websites that effect the roleplay either in-game or out of the game, tho still related to In-Character development. The five of the drop-down links are the following below -

Community Forums[edit]

The community forums is related to both in-character and out-of-character development. The forums is mainly towards the community to have the ability to communicate through an online browser or the staff of OwlGaming to communicate information to the players for example updates, news and even changes anywhere around the community. This is the main segment of which factions are built, community members are interacting and lots more occur around the forums - being one of the main segments of this community.

FindBook Social Network[edit]

The FindBook Social Network is the main social media platform that resides in OwlGaming meant to connect players on an online media platform to share their stories and have fun through exploring different features of the website. Descpite the website being meant for in-character purposes, it's used to share stories and events of other characters/players on our community.

Los Santos Police Department[edit]

The Los Santos Police Department (LSPD) is the first Law-Enforcement agency in Los Santos that covers the jurisdiction of the City of Los Santos including the County districts outside of San Fierro & Las Venturas. Throughout the past years, the history of Los Santos changes with new leaders that determine their lives to make change for the greater of the department. To find more information on how to be employed with the Los Santos Police Department, wish to file a complaint on a Law-Enforcement Officer, or simply looking to apply for a firearms license, head over to the website by clicking Here.

Los Santos Fire Department[edit]

Bureau of Traffic Services[edit]